Like many things I do, this is an attempt to bridge the divide between Africans and African-Americans. I figure if we each shift our focus a slight bit and try to see America through the other's eyes, we can both come to a better understanding of our place in this society.

The Set Up

This is by no means a "debate" (or some sort of competition to see who can scream the loudest) between Gerald and I. Instead it's an opportunity to see through the other's eyes. We may agree at times, some times we may not. That's just the way it goes. In fact it's designed for just this. Each month we pick a topic, then we go our separate ways and meditate over it. With perhaps only one instruction: The exploration should address cause and possible solutions. That's it. We don't exchange notes, or discuss points. After the post goes up, we each have an opportunity to clarify and maybe respond to the other in one comment. Then we leave it to the public to act, react and even ask us questions we might respond to. And please do join in on the conversation by leaving your comments on the post. As much as Gerald and I like to talk to each other, WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU.

If you have a topic you think we should address in a future "face-off" please do let us know. We might just try our best.

About Gerald Montgomery

Gerald is a dear friend of mine, whom I have known for few years now. Gerald is many things; an author, a poet, philosopher, deep thinker and very funny. He deserves an invitation to this forum based on any of those qualifications. But he is here for one reason only: I respect and admire him as a very thoughtful individual. You can find out more information about Gerald from his website at:


Issues We Have Tackled