911 AM

Dadley Mose

Dadley Mose, one of 147 students killed in Garissa, Kenya

Chaaaaaaalie Heeeebdo, Chaaaaaaalie Heeeebdo
Did you hear about what happened in Kenya—
Just the other day
Gunmen entered a school
The alarm they rang, had no snooze—
How Dadley and his friends, 147 students never woke up
From the sleep they fell in the night before?

Greece is falling! Greece is falling! And the Euro is trembling
What happened to Comfort, Fibi, Baraya and their friends—
Our girls who went to school and disappeared
In a forest in northern Nigeria?
It seems as soon as they stopped trending, we stopped caring
C’mon IBé, that’s harsh
I know, but the truth sometimes leave scar
Just so we don’t forget it
Chibok Girls

Some of the over 200 girls kidnapped by Boko Haram in Northern Nigeria on Aril 14, 2014

Eeeeeebola….2 in Texas, 1 in New York
Another in Spain
24 hours breaking news
Its everywhere!
Long after
Thousands in Guinea
Thousands in Sierra Leone
Thousands more in Liberia

This is what they say
Africans are killing each other
What else is new
Disease is killing Africans
We have seen this one before
This is what they say
When a plane crash
Or something like mass murder
We must first find out the race of the perpetrator
Cos we all know
Terrorism is an affliction of only black and brown people
So prone to violence, those people
Before you talk about police brutality
Do you know how many black people
Die at the hands of other black people?
This is what they say
Before you talk about racism
Look who is in the White House
Who donated a millions dollars
To fight Ebola in Africa
This is what they say
We are way past race
You know, like post race
Post black, post white
Common Sense would tell you, all black folks need is love

You know, hug….those with their fingers on the trigger
You know, trying to kill them

“And we are so ignorant (I mean it)
Cos everytime they reach us
Through political strategy”
Silly magicians and their deadly ways
On their Vegas stage
We are the bumbling tourists
Too drunk on hope and distractions
To notice the omissions and distortions
Shapes and angles
Who is the hunter?
Who is the lion?
Whose version of truth is a lie?
Whose lie to do you believe?
Whose alarm do you wake up to?
Who painted a picture on your window and told you it’s sunrise,
Gave you a picture and called it a mirror?
Got us clawing at each other so hard
We forget it’s a bucket, we are crabs
Mice in a rat race
Miles from our Declaration of Independence
Your family name is not Jefferson
Or Washington, or Madison
Lincoln is not your godfather’s either
Ambush in the night
Ambush in the night
Ambushing our minds
And killing our bodies
When we say stop (don’t shoot)
They say we too sensitive
Too radical, too Anti-American for American

Black lives matter!
Why we even gotta say that?
Like: it snows in Minnesota…in December
But I guess that’s what happens
When you’re dealing with Martians
You gotta say that:
It snows in Minnesota…in December
World heads of states ought to visit Kenya
Hold hands with the people
In solidarity march the streets of Nairobi
(And wonder why Obama is not in attendance)
Our girls are still missing
In Nigeria children are still disappearing, bombed and getting decapitated
Ebola is still deadly
No matter which side of the Atlantic we are on
Black lives matter
It’s a shame we gotta say this
But that’s what happens
When you’re dealing with Martians

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