911 AM

Dadley Mose

Dadley Mose, one of 147 students killed in Garissa, Kenya

Chaaaaaaalie Heeeebdo, Chaaaaaaalie Heeeebdo
Did you hear about what happened in Kenya—
Just the other day
Gunmen entered a school
The alarm they rang, had no snooze—
How Dadley and his friends, 147 students never woke up
From the sleep they fell in the night before?


[Un]Familiar Places


Borders and fences
I wonder where blood stops, skin begins
Yarns and yarns
Miles to find where the patterns in my palm
Make perfect sense to the gods I remember (more…)

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M on his Chest

Freedom is black
He stands tall with a stoop
His eyes perpetually hiding from the sun
A constant reminder:
Some things are more important than life

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Badala Road

Badala Road in 2011A retired astronaut looks at the moon
And hopes the earth is still blue
It’s the things you don’t see
When your eyes can see
That become vivid as you grow blind

I think

Some of the best days of my life
Are the days I can no longer remember
Yet I try, in every blink
I cry whenever I close my eyes
I try to remember:
My sun—I hardly noticed how beautiful
The moon—I drew God in the clouds
And casted my dreams up
The stars—the twinkle in their eyes
Children like me

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Djoliba’s Worth

I was born in Kankan
Delivered on top of old German trucks
Full of djoula musos and the wares they peddle
Between Guinea, Ivory Coast, Mali, Liberia, Sierra Leone…
Back to Kankan I came
After the guns knocked on our doors
And the grave diggers lost their shovels
But Guinea is a hard place to call home
When you are young and your French is… comme ci comme ca (more…)

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Letter to my Children

You are not from there
You are not from here
You are from your mom
And your dad
You are an African-in-America
An African and American
Proudly wear them both
Wherever you go
Knowing home is not a place
Except if that place be a space in your heart

I give you what I have
Not as dogma
So you would have somewhere to start
Because we all need a place to land
When gravity proves too mighty a foe

With that said… (more…)

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The Tie That Binds

John: 15
It’s the tie that binds
The moth to the flame
The gold plated chains
That would noose you
To the height you seek to climb

It’s the pretty things that would kill you
The familiar faces that would wake you
Up in the middle of the night
Soaking wet in your own sweat
If it turns out to be blood
It’s the lover standing over you
A knife in one hand
A dirty underwear in the other

It’s the pretty things that would kill you
the shinning things you buy
with the flesh you wear
not knowing tattoos will never skin you
The way the womb did (more…)

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Angel in our Midst (A Poetic Biography of MLK)

This is a poem I wrote few years ago trying to find a new way to tell an old story to some college students. I enjoyed it, and thought I should do similar for other people I find worthy of such efforts. But years later, beside this, I have only one other: W.E.B. DuBois. I would like to write one on Bob Marley (among others)…one day.

Every day a man is born
Very so rare
Stars bow, heaven opens it doors
An angel lands on earth
And tries to help
Sons and daughters of Adam and Eve find their way back to Eden

Who shot him?
Somebody shot an angel
Clipped his wings
Peter shot Martin

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International Relations

Himba LadyArabs are not bad
It’s just that terrorists
Wear turban and say Allah
Before blowing themselves up
At checkpoints and crowded
Roadways among Muslims
On their way to offering zakat to the needy


Nikki Rosa (by Nikki Giovanni)

Nikki Giovanni
This poem is mighty important to me. It says exactly the reason why I write, why I speak, why spoken word. It’s so important for us to be the tellers of our own stories; because only then would they be as authentic as we are. And by we I don’t mean just Black people, I mean all human being. I wholeheatedly believe in autobiographies. And I don’t care much for biographies. This is a powerful poem from a very powerful lady! And the inspiration behind my poem, Autobiography. (more…)

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